Intellectual property can be a difficult subject for creative people.

Copyrights can be confusing.  Contracts can get in the way of getting your art out to the world.

But,authors, artists, and designers need to think about how to protect their creations.

Where should they start?   What should they look out for?

Listen to my interview with Monica Lee and find out…

My friend Monica hosts a show on her website Smart Creative Women.  Normally, she interviews smart, funny, successful women working in creative jobs.  Think artists, illustrators, and designers building businesses and brands from their art.  Her interviews are insightful and bold because she talks about things few dare to discuss in the creative community.  She focuses on topics like their business models, their passions, how they monetize their creative endeavors, and how they balance their lives, all while showcasing her interviewees great passion and creative expression.

A month or so ago, I had the privilege of sitting down with my dear friend for an interview on her show.  I know what you’re thinking, ‘What does non-creative Lawyer Kelli Proia bring to this table?’  Just trust me.  We made it work.

You see.  Monica and I are friends and business buddies.  We met through a mutual friend and discovered that we are both building new businesses that have one important thing in common.   We’re both trying to do something a little different in our little corner of the world.   Monica’s trying to nix the idea of the starving, struggling artist and shed some light on how artists can build money making businesses from their art.  Me?  I’m trying to get businesses, and the lawyers who love them, to rethink the way they talk about IP.   Monica and I spend a lot of time talking about our struggles and triumphs as business owners, our goals, our strategies, our money issues, and the challenges of being wives and mothers.

One of the central themes in our on-going conversation revolves around the concept of ‘value’.  We push each other to recognize and further our value.  When you are sitting by yourself in your home office, it can be pretty difficult to recognize your value sometimes.  She thought it would be great if we could bring our weekly lunch talks to the masses.

While we tried to keep our gossip to a minimum, I think we did a good job talking about knowing your value, standing up for yourself, and recognizing that it is OK to say ‘NO’ to a bad deal.  Of Course, we also discuss how to protect yourself with good contracts and intellectual property.

I hope you enjoy this interview.  It was a pleasure to make.