Do you know the secret to a successful intellectual property management program?  I do.  It took me a little while to figure it out, but once I did, it changed the way I worked when I was in-house, and it is the foundation of the IP in focus IP Management Program.

Before I can tell you what the secret is, you first need to understand what constitutes my definition of a successful IP management program.  An organization is successful with their IP management when they consistently utilize internal systems and processes that facilitate planning, managing, and leveraging their intellectual property effectively and efficiently.

Real success is not about how many patents you get in a given year or how many invention disclosures are submitted.  In fact, successful IP management has little to do with actually getting the patent or trademark.  That’s simply the result of having a successful program.

And that leads us to the secret.

The secret is to know why you want that patent or trademark. You have to know why having that patent or trademark is valuable to the organization. It’s not about getting the patent or the trademark.  It’s about getting the right patent or trademark for your business.  If you don’t know why you are pursuing that patent other than it boosts the department’s numbers, then you are probably wasting your money.  You are merely relying on luck that that asset will help you if and when there is a problem someday.

If you can look at each one of your intellectual property assets and say, ‘this asset is important to this company because…’, then you’ve mastered the secret to successful IP management.  If you can’t, then please come back every Monday for a new installment of “The Secrets to IP Management Success” where each week I will let you in on a little secret that gives you new tools and ideas for improving your organization’s IP portfolio.  If you would like to accelerate your progress toward better IP management, don’t hesitate to contact IPinfocus @ 508-878-3590 or at to learn more about building a customized IP Management system.